Saturday, May 08, 2010

He Came Like A Storm Amidst The Wheat

And shivered their frail stems to the ground. Today Yorkshire Soul hails a cricketing hero from across the border, where our correspondent tells me that the bowling card for Tottington looks rather like this.....

Batsman 1 - b. P Meehan
Batsman 2 - b. P Meehan
Batsman 3 - b. P Meehan
Batsman 4 - b. P Meehan
Batsman 5 - well, I think you're getting the idea now

Dr. P, former Yorkshire Soul Quiz Champion, film reviewer and professional Lancastrian, returned quite devastating figures of all 10 wickets for 11 runs with 9 bowled and 1 lbw, simply awesome. Did someone upset you at tea Dr. P ?

TSJ Match Report

Closer to home, Brother in Law Mk. 2, aka New Dad, aka The Lurker, improved on last week's 5 for with a 6 for, which is a splendid effort.

Add to that the England win over South Africa and it's an all round great day for cricket.

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  1. The Lurker8:16 am

    Great stuff Dr P!!!