Friday, May 28, 2010

Decision Time

If you think the world is going to hell in a hurry, that society is cracked, fractured and doomed, I have to tell you that you can have your faith in human nature restored by interviewing a few young people. We are taking on two black and whites to complement our existing team this summer, and the teenagers I have been talking to this week have all been bright, polite, intelligent and charming.

That said, with no obvious muppets that can be weeded out, my short list from the interviews now runs to everyone that came to the interviews, but I only have one more job to fill. There is some hard thinking to be done this morning.

Later today, I shall have a new victim staff member, but who ?


  1. The Lurker10:51 am

    Whats a black and white?!

  2. waiter(ess)?

    When I first read it I thought he was going for a racially equal workforce.

  3. Black and whites = waiting staff, it's the colour of their uniforms as opposed to positive racial discrimination.

  4. The Lurker4:47 pm

    Glad you cleared that up - I did think you were telling us the skin colour of your new employees! Must be the lack of sleep I'm having!!!