Saturday, May 08, 2010

Damn Those Polyolefins

So, I had just successfully glued the broken handle of my cafetiere back in to place, or so I thought. After completing the the gluing job I gave the instructions and warnings a once over.

'Not for use on polyolefins.' Well, I havn't the first clue what they are so I'm not worrying about that.

'Not for use on containers for hot liquids.' Bugger, perhaps I should have read the instructions first after all.

'WARNING ! IRRITANT !! Bonds skin in seconds.' Oh double bugger, I've knocked the cap off whilst reading the label on the back of the tube, and that warm sensation is the glue slowly oozing out of the tube and welding my fingers together.

I would now throw the coffee pot in the bin, but since picking it up that seems to have become attached to me as well.

(Photo - some science stuff)

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  1. Yorkshire's version of Edward Cafetiere hands!

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