Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Be Kind To A Geek Day

You may notice geeks out and about today, away from their natural habitat in front of their computer screens. They will probably look rather pale, blinking in the daylight, they may appear nervous and distracted, twitchy and ill at ease in the company of other people. Please be kind to them, for the rest of the year these people are the captains of mighty battleships capable of wreaking incredible violence upon their enemies, they fly mining hulks capable of reducing moons to dust, they command empires and lead armies.

But today is the annual Eve update day, the game is down for a whole day, and these poor people are lost and bewildered in the real world. Please be kind to them, buy them a coffee, invite them in to watch a few episodes of Star Trek, lend them an old Brian Aldiss paperback. It doesn't take much to help a geek, and it would mean so much to them. Please don't take the mickey out of these sad individuals though, bear in mind that most of them have the capability to wire the contents of your bank account to Somalia and replace your Facebook profile with that of an infamous convicted child killer.


  1. The Lurker3:05 pm

    A bit bored today mate!? ;-)

  2. Awful, I've had to talk to real people, and I didn't get to kill anybody with my laser cannons.

  3. Squirt7:09 pm

    Love you geek xx