Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Album Review : Pulse Of The Earth - Hungry Lucy 6*

For Fans Of : Ephemera, Switchblade Symphony, Rhea's Obsession, Faith and the Muse

Darkwave, trip hop, electronica, whatever. Hungry Lucy's Christa Belle has a beautiful and ethereal voice which lifts this album out from the mediocre beats and keyboards that swirl and eddy around her voice. The other part of Hungry Lucy as War-N Harrison (I know, the puns couldn't be worse if he called himself War'n Peace).

High point of this album include Balloon Girl and The Standing Ones where Christa sings strongly and with some vigour, but all too often it's back to the forced, breathy little girl vocals as on Bumble (with the lyrics "bumbling around" which aptly sums up the album).

Hill has more stirring lyrics and better projection, but most of the rest of the album has rather plodding and uninspired music. Christa's voice saves it from being a total washout, and has me wondering whether she has ever considered doing modern folk music, she has just the sort of voice that would lend itself wonderfully to the style of song that Rachel Unthank sings.

You can download the album, and Hungry Lucy's entire back catalogue, for free, from Hungry Lucy at Jamendo.


  1. Well methinks you just don't "get" Hungry Lucy. We each have our own taste in music and your review clearly illustrates that.

  2. I try to be open minded and fair and not critical for the sake of the clever wordplay, as for musical taste, mine is fairly broad.

    If you would like to produce an alternative review I would gladly post it here.