Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Album Review : Bite Your Tongue - Sex Slaves 8*

For Fans Of : Misfits, Scott Sorry and the Sinatras, The Wildhearts, Ramones, Guns On The Roof

If you think that the album cover is cheap, tacky and generally in poor taste, then this isn't going to be the album for you. Sex Slaves pump out infectious melodic power pop punk fuelled by booze and sung with a sneer, it's dirty, sleazy fun

Simple but hooky guitars drive a familiar but fun feeling New York punk sound, these are the sort of tracks that you can hear a couple of times and its like you've known them for ever. There are a lot of hits on the album, We're Going Out Tonight and Me And My Friends are great party tracks, and the unspeakably filthy and hilarious All Night Long is sure to be a live crowd pleaser.

One or two tracks drop into a sort of 10 a penny punk Good Charlotte style pap, I think the band ought to wonder whether the cheesy balled Kiss Me was really worth including. Where the band really hit their stride is in the vulgar and snappy 3 minute rockers like the country and western styled Thank God for Jack Daniels and Search And Destroy, quick blasts of lively and arrogant scuzz rock for the terminally inebriated.

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