Tuesday, May 11, 2010

11 May 1985

It was supposed to be a party, Bradford City had just been promoted from the Third Division, and a home match against Lincoln City should have been a 90 minute celebration.

Instead, tragedy struck. A fire broke out in the main stand, it swept through the structure in moments, panic reigned. 56 people died, hundreds were injured. As people tried to leave the stand, they discovered that the exits beneath the stand had been locked.

Everyone around here knew someone who died, or knew people who lost friends and relatives that day. Growing up in the small towns and villages in West Yorkshire you were either LUFC or BCFC, so you knew the other team's fans because they were your work colleagues or your school friends. A classmate at school lost his Grandad and his 11 year old brother that day.

25 years on, we all remember.

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