Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who To Vote for ?

My constituency is Keighley, the three main political parties have each put up a candidate here, no other parties have. The seat is currently held by the Labour MP Ann Cryer, although Mrs. Cryer was not implicated in the tidal wave of expenses scandals that drowned the Nu-Labour government, I think there were still worrying and important issues about Mrs. Cryer's spending of public money.

My next MP then is going to come from this list of candidates.

Labour Party - Jane Thomas

Conservative Party - Kris Hopkins

Liberal Democratic Party - Nader Fekri

I am what the parties most desire, a floating voter, although I have already decided that the greedy, lying, corrupt, sleaze ridden Labour Party will not be getting my vote, so don't bother with a phone call Jane.

I am also angry at the way in which Jane Thomas has already stated that this election will be a race between the Tories and Labour only. I don't think two party politics is healthy for the nation and like many other voters I would like there to more more serious choice in politics.

Does this mean Nader Fekri for the Lib Dems will get my vote then ? Well, I'm very concerned about the UK's energy future, I believe we have squandered the money earned from our now diminishing oil reserves without investing properly in future energy sources for the nation. Wind, wave and many other alternative technologies remain largely a pipe dream, capable at this time of producing only tiny amounts of power. The solution is to have more nuclear power, France produces almost 80% of its electricity from nuclear power. The Lib Dems however are strongly against nuclear power.

"I have been an opponent of nuclear power for a long time, a position that the party also now supports. we have a concerted policy of supporting alternative technologies, such as wind, tidal, and solar, as well as reducing our power consumption, and furthermore being much much more energy efficient." - Nader Fekri.

Will I vote Tory then ? David Cameron has gone some way to easing my worries about another Tory government, and yet I can't quite seem to trust the man. Although Cameron speaks well, we all know that cuts mean job losses, I'm in the entertainment sector, I need people to be employed and earning well so that they can spend money on things like playing golf.

This week's polls have the Conservatives 21 seats short of an overall majority (UK Polling Report), perhaps we should be hoping for a hung parliament to allow some Liberal influence on the, presumably, incoming Tory government.

Whoever gets in, we're in for a hard time. The Labour government under Gordon Brown has run up a national debt to equal that of bankrupt Greece, cuts will have to be made, business will end up paying for the situation via NI or VAT, millions of people like myself, who have worked hard and tried to run their business's well and honestly are going to suffer because our government was weak and corrupt.

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