Monday, April 12, 2010

Uber Geekery

Yes, I am the rather excited owner of shiny new Iphone. I know this seems a bit odd coming from a bloke who rarely uses his mobile phone anyway, and to be honest, the phone bit is fine, but it is all the other neat things that the phone does that made me want one. The huge music storage for the I-Pod at 32 Gb is great, so long as I don't stuff it all up with apps of course, and the apps, there must be hundreds of thousands you can can get for free and an equal number of pay apps.

So far I'm wasting my time on.....

ECB Cricket app - Really nice looking screen showing all the domestic matches as they happen, press the match you want to get a scoreboard for it, then turn your phone sideways for a complete innings breakdown, plus news, photos, video and cricket podcasts. This app has by far the nicest look and ease of use of any of the sports apps I have seen. Yorkshire 243-5 btw.

ESPN Mobicast Cricinfo - A simpler display giving live coverage of international cricket and the IPL, also with news, pics and video feed.

Sky Sports Football - much as the cricket apps with live updating, news and fixture lists. Slightly clunky design though. - The I-phone doesn't support scrobbling via the inbuilt i-pod, but you can stream music from your library or's custom play lists via the free internet service.

ielectUK - Find your candidates, and bother them with relevant / entirely pointless questions, top marks to Nader Fekri, Lib Dem candidate for Keighley for his prompt responses. I'm sure you could get up to some harmless mischief with this app, I wonder what is the daftest question I can get a candidate to answer ?

Asteroid Alert - Find out from the chaps at NASA if we're all going to die by asteroid impact tomorrow ! GM32010 is going to miss us by a mere 1.305million Km on Tuesday morning.

I also have The Bible, OECD Factbook, Planet Rock Radio, Shazam (doesn't get along with folk music) and a pile of other free apps. It is a really nice device, although horribly expensive.

Phone calls you say ? Well, I suppose I'll make one on it eventually.

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