Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kent Bested by Gale Force

Alright, I'm sorry, I managed two dreadful puns in that title.

Yorkshire batted out for a comfortable draw in the County match against Kent, and then faced Kent again today in whatever the 40 over series is called this year.

Newly arrived (delayed due to volcano) quick Tino Best took four wickets, including clean bowling Alastair Cook to leave Kent on 232-9, then Andrew Gale and Jacques Rudolph demolished the Kent bowling attack. Rudolph finished on 101 n.o. whilst Yorkshire Captain Andrew Gale got a magnificent 125 n.o. from 124 balls, which I think is a career best in 40 over play for him.


  1. Kent? Mr. I'm From Essex begs to differ. I quote, "We all know that the stylish English batsman, Alistair Cook, plays for Essex."

    I'm just the messenger. Being from Canada, I know nothing about these things. ;)

  2. Yes, you're quite correct, oops.

  3. We'll just put it down to the thinner air at the top of the mountain you climbed the other day. I'm in no position to judge anyway, given that my attempts at speaking basic, correct English are quite laughable these days. At least Kent and Essex are both counties. My brain likes to spit out random words, totally unrelated to one that would actually make sense in the sentence. I've been too scared to try writing!

  4. I find it so hard to keep track of the minor counties you see ;-)