Friday, April 02, 2010

Gig Review : Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts + Support, The Swan, Addingham

This folk evening at The Swan is called Swan Songs, you see what they did there ? I don't know how busy it normally is, but tonight you can't get to the bar for the press of people who have come to see one of the UK's best young folk acts.

I didn't take notes so if a description doesn't sound like the singer, apologies. Philip Cockerham was good, two songs performed with gusto, Tony Levy was funny and strayed from the normal folk lyric set when her performed a song about his penis, Gloria performed three storming songs in a fast and strong folk style with strong vocals, she is doing the headline set on 2nd Sept.

Katriona has a very dry and laconic stage patter, she rabbits along doing song intros, jokes and rambling tales whilst the duo get their instruments sorted, the audience don't mind, indeed most of the audience seem to know each other and good natured barracking is part of the night. Jamie just seems to take everything in his stride, waiting patiently for Katriona to get going.

The pair play a two part set with songs from their debut album Shadows & Half Light, and some new songs from their forthcoming second release. Musically the pair are highly accomplished, Jamie's percussion guitar can't be easy and you can see an expression of extreme concentration on his young face as he plucks and slaps his instrument. Katriona plays fiddle (or is it violin, is there a difference ?), ukulele and er, is that a mandolin ? Blimey, I'm more comfortable telling a Flying V from a Stratocaster than I am knowing what all these traditional instruments are.

The new songs aired, with some minor technical hitches aside, are in a similar vein to their earlier work, and on first hearing every bit as good. A great gig in a very relaxed, if way too packed, atmosphere.

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