Sunday, April 04, 2010


Right, I think I have almost got the hang of Foursquare now, so what is it ? Foursquare is a combined social networking site, entertainment listings and recommendations.

It works like this, you download the app onto your phone, and then when you go out, say you visit the Rose & Crown, you use the app to 'check in' at the pub. Foursquare records your check in and gives you points for it, if you check in a venue more than anyone else you become the Mayor of that venue. Foursquare also tells you who amongst your friends might be at a particular venue, it also allows people to add idiosyncratic tips about places, "try the vindaloo at Royal Spice, it's super hot" for example.

Is being the Mayor any use ? Well, the site are hoping that business owners will award freebies for Mayors and regular customers. There is a short list of companies doing this at the moment, but Foursquare hasn't really found its feet yet in the UK so all the freebies are in the USA at the moment.

So, it's a game, a social networking thing, and an entertainments listing, I think the idea seems cool actually, although I'm not sure what free stuff I'm going to get for being the Mayor of Ilkley Golf Club.

My Foursquare page, if the times are a bit odd on my check ins, it is because I'm doing them from my PC at home, I wasn't really getting a takeaway curry at 7.15 this morning.

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