Saturday, April 17, 2010

Do Lava Lamps Work On Venus ?

This might not be a problem that is bothering you right now, but Neil Fraser was apparently being kept awake at night by this particular conundrum. His solution was to build a bloody big centrifuge in his front room and spin the lava lamp around until it approximated the heavier gravity of Venus.

"The centrifuge is a genuinely terrifying device. The lights dim when it is switched on. A strong wind is produced as the centrifuge induces a cyclone in the room. The smell of boiling insulation emanates from the overloaded 25 amp cables. If not perfectly adjusted and lubricated, it will shred the teeth off solid brass gears in under a second. Runs were conducted from the relative safety of the next room while peeking through a crack in the door."

Neil's device of whirling doom.

That's bloody brilliant that is. Mad. But brilliant.

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