Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Album Review : Gallaudet - Manatarms 7*

For Fans Of : Rush, Coheed And Cambria, Biffy Clyro, Mastodon, Tool

Manatarms are a modern progressive metal band from Chile. They describe themselves as a 5 piece, but there seem to be six blokes in some of their promo photographs, perhaps I've missed something in translation.

To follow on from the five or six confusion, the opening track on the album is titled 7, other titles have a similarly proggy feel, Hacth Of The Jackrabbits (part one + two), A Cutted Tail Of A Small Lizard, but the music is more vigorous than the song titles might have you thinking. In parts Manatarms sound like the heavier end of the Rush/Coheed spectrum, approaching Mastodon like intensity on Cutted Tail.

There are also nods to Iron Maiden on the guitar work on Aspirin and strains of Biffy Clyro can be heard faintly here and there.

The songs tend towards epic length, with many hovering around the seven or so minute mark, and are filled with time and rhythm changes, there is almost no standard verse chorus structure anywhere on the album. Overall, the music on the album is of great quality, demonstrating a really high standard of playing, chugging through heavy riffs one moment then switching to soaring solos and high vocals. It is the vocals that in places are a slightly weak point on Gallaudet, when singer Chinasky is using his voice in a more direct rock style the vocals sound great, strong and in your face, but on some of the lighter sections, as on The Last Man On Earth, the vocals sound a little strained and wavering.

Chinasky can sing softer stuff though, and on the final track he sings a brilliant counterpoint entirely suited to his vocal range, when I said that bits of Gallaudet sounded like Biffy Clyro, Jackrabbits (3) could have been lifted straight from Only Revolutions with its cycling guitars, vocal and lyrical style.

You can get this excellent album free from the band's website Manatarms Blog (Spanish). Look for the post 'Baja Gallaudet Gratis' with the picture of the album cover and click on 'Haz click aqui' which will direct you to the download site.

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