Monday, March 01, 2010

You Might Not Have Heard......Alice Moving Under Skies

AMUS are an electro-goth duo, Mark Dreizhen and Penny Dreadful, from Leeds. If you like bands such as The Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission then I think you'll find a lot to enjoy (or get really miserable to anyway, it's not really the done thing for goths to be too happy) in AMUS's music.

You can listen to three tracks at AMUS's website Queen Alice, on the site you can also buy the band's debut single Grit Girl, and get tickets for the official launch of the debut album Curioser And Curioser to be held on 3rd April at Upstairs @ The Library Pub, Hyde Park, Leeds. The launch night will feature a DJ set, and a live performance from Sheffield's The Silent Age.


  1. Ys you're a gent! I'm sure Mark and Penny will be chuffed that you've taken the time to promote them here.