Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yorkshiresoul's Rambling Quiz Series 7.4 Answers & League

The fruit round.

1) What bells could owe me the sum of five farthings ? (1)

The bells of St. Martins

2) Which series are these stills from ? (1)

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

3)What was the code name for the defoliant used widely by US forces during the Vietnam War ? (1)

Agent Orange

4) What fruit will grow from these flowers ? (1)


5) What is the most common form of tumour in infants and young children ? (1)

Strawberry birthmark, naevus or hemangioma

6) What is this ? (1)

A Lotus Fruit (or Tony C's bum ?)

7) Following the week's theme, what is the area between Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield known as ? (1)

The Rhubarb Triangle, this area used to hold hundreds of forcing sheds where rhubarb was grown in darkness. In more recent times the popularity of rhubarb has waned and there are only a handful of farms left. There is hope though, rhubarb from the triangle has gained Protected Designation of Origin status from the EU which may help to provide funding and advertising.

8) What was the nickname applied to British sailors and referred to a preventative medical measure ? (1)

They were called Limeys after the Navy practise of issuing lime juice to sailors.

9) What fruit is banned from much public transport and many hotels in Asia ? (1)

Durian, which even afficianados sometimes eat in front of a fan to keep the heady powerfully cheesy fumes from reaching them.

10) Who is this ? (1)

The Cranberries.

Week 4 Scores

Eleanor 10
Mr Moosehead 10
Dave P 9
Tony G 6

Quiz 7 Leaders

Dave Podmore 32
Mr Moosehead 29
Tony Gott 22
Eleanor 18
Lyle 2

I will try to set another round before I go on holiday on Saturday.

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