Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yet More Social Networking Stuff

So I have my Facebook, my Twitter (although I hardly ever use it), my blog, my scrobbler page, my abandoned and unloved MySpace page, do I really need any more junk ? Probably not, and yet...

I am just poking around on Scribd, I don't know if I could really use that, unless I post my NaNoWriMo fails up there.

FriendFeed, what does this one do ? It looks rather like Twitter.

Foursquare, some sort of tips and recommendations site ? This looks a little like Twitter/FF as well.

Come on then, some of you must use these things, educate me please.


  1. Scribd, as you say may well suite you for your writing.

    FriendFeed consolidates all your social contacts into one place but it doesn't replace FB or Twitter it's just another "place" to interact with people.

    FourSquare's not there yet in my opinion. It's social (find people who are physically close to you), it's a recommendation system (I'm at Leeds' station, where can I get a descent pint of Theakstons) and it's a game (become Mayor of Ilkley Golf Course). In my mind the number of users in the UK needs to be significantly greater before the recommendations are valuable and the number of people in my social circle using FourSquare needs to increase before I can wander into Sheffield and find that @Vyvienne is in the Rutland and might want a pint. Also see GoWalla and wait for FaceBook to become location aware.

    As you might guess all of this is part of my job; if you ever want more opinions I'm always happy to share mine!

  2. Squirt1:04 pm

    Love you all... but do you not have real life and a phone!!