Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We're All Doomed

Put away your pads Mark Boucher, throw down that ball Umar Gul and break your bat Alastair Cook, your time in the limelight of international cricket is nearly over, you about to be eclipsed by a juggernaut from the East. A force is arising in cricket that none of the test nations will be able to resist, a force whose numbers are multitudes beyond counting, and whose national spirit once bent to a task is indomitable and unstoppable. Yes people, China has discovered how to play cricket.

The Chinese Cricket Association has written a small list of goals....

2009: Have 720 teams across the country in a well-organised structure
2015: Have 20,000 players and 2,000 coaches
2019: Qualify for the World Cup
2020: Gain Test status

(2021 : Spank England 3 -0 in inaugural Test series)

When China decides to do something, they do tend to do it properly, I would not be at all surprised were China to leapfrog the current group of Associates (nations like Ireland, Afghanistan, Canada and Kenya) to take a place in the highest level of the sport.

China is the host of this year's Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou, where cricket will be one of the 42 sports played. In the same group as China will be Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates, some serious names there and a couple of minnows, that should test China's progress.

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