Saturday, March 27, 2010


Our ten days on the Spanish island of Lanzarote were wonderful, the weather was dry and hot and sometimes windy. As you can see from the satellite photograph, the island is volcanic and it's colours are normally earth colours, black, brown, orange and reds predominate. Two weeks before we had arrived Lanzarote had experienced unusual rainstorms, and the island was carpeted in grasses and flowers, turning the normally dun mountain flanks into green fields.

Sadly, I managed to break my camera, so I have hardly any pictures of this trip. We had a great time though, we were pretty lazy on this holiday, having our own villa we were able to laze around our own pool and take life at a very relaxed pace.

We did have a few trips out and around the island, we went to the Lanzarote Aquarium which was fairly good, Guinate Tropical Park which was expensive and rubbish ("Oh look, it's another empty cage"), Playa Blanca and Teguise market. We had fancied going jet skiing, but the cost was prohibitive, so we went on a dune buggy trip instead, which was still rather expensive but was a great day out, can you guess who got told off for driving too slowly ?

Puerto Del Carmen is a bit cheesy, but I enjoy it, although the new cycle path and expanded pavements along the sea front have removed hundreds and hundreds of parking spaces in town, we found parking so difficult that it was easier to drive the 3 miles or so over to the marina for dinner. The marina has ample parking and the restaurants were not any more expensive.

I even managed a bit of hill walking. On a stiflingly hot day I wandered off into the hills North of Puerto del Carmen and slipped and scrambled my way up a nameless volcanic mound. I think if we come again I'll bring my boots and attempt one of the taller volcanoes, and get my camera fixed of course.

So now we're back to work, the clocks change tonight and we are hoping for a good and busy summer season so we can save up and go to the USA in October.


  1. Thanks for sharing your Lanzarote holiday, I enjoyed reading your blog and love to know what visitors think of our beautiful island. It's a shame your camera broke, I love to take photos of Lanzarote and carry mine with me just in case I see something to photograph which is most days :)

  2. Sounds good, which bit of the US are you aiming for next?

  3. Cheers Jules, I'm do like your home island, I've been there six or seven times in the past 15 years, lovely place.

    For the USA trip, we have a vague idea to fly into Vegas and get a car there, then head up to SF and see the family, head to Sacramento and have dinner with a friend there, continue up the coast into Oregon and perhaps aim to fly back from Seattle.