Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Want To Know : Who Are You ?

Cousin Kirsten sent me this meme quiz over on Facebook, but you have to select answers from a limited multi-choice so I'll answer here instead.

1) You go to the doctor and all the seats in the waiting room are taken...I'll just prop myself against the wall and read for a while, I will have arrived early for my appointment as I can't stand being late, and I will have brought a book so won't have to rely on the pile of dog-eared Women's Weekly.

2) Some guy rear ends you at a stop light...I don't think I'd be angry, I wasn't even angry when I got side swiped a couple of years ago and my car was a write off. I'd just exchange details, get some witness details if possible and wait for the insurance to sort it out.

3) You go to a concert hoping to get cheap last minute tickets, but they're all sold out...I managed this last year when I foolishly thought that Bellowhead were far less popular than I imagined, and they sold out St.Georges Hall, Bradford, back home, Eve night and some whisky then.

4) Your best friend marries the person you've loved since high school...That would be awful wouldn't it, not just to love someone and not have it reciprocated, but to have them give their heart to somebody else, that would be quite devastating. At my current age, I think I'd be alright about it, as a younger man, perhaps I'd have handled it less well.

5) If you could be anything you wanted to be...A heavy metal star obviously, I have often imagined myself walking out onto the stage, striking a pose and then launching into some furious shredding, and indeed the only thing that has stopped me from pursuing a musical career is and utter and complete lack of any musical talent whatsoever. (This does not appear to have hampered the career of Jedward however.)

There you go Kirsten.

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