Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Family Grows

I havn't announced this before, but 'The Lurker' of this parish (also known as Brother in Law mk.2) and his lovely wife (previously referred to to as 'Lurker's Bird' before getting a promotion to 'Mrs. Lurker') are expecting twins, a boy and a girl. That's great, more children to me to act like a fool with.

Now, Lurker and Missus have kept the names of their twins a closely guarded secret, but they have agreed to let me name the children, which is mighty nice of them.

In a month or so then the whole family is going to be hugely pleased to have Hecate Belladonna Sanguinaria Wheeler (for the little girl) and Vladimir Samael Elysium Wheeler (for the little boy), nice eh ?


  1. I approve, since they aren't my children. ;) Hearty congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lurker. Their families must be over the moon, too! Twins are double all things wonderful about babies.

  2. Oh cool, it showed my new profile - wasn't expecting that. Now I just need to make said profile public. It's worse than moving house, I swear!

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  4. Twins?! Hahahahah the poor sods. :)

    Conga rats to the lurkers.
    I think they are perfectly reasonable names. Better than dwayne and chesney.

  5. The Lurker12:15 pm

    In all seriousness Vladimir Wheeler has a certain ring to it! I wonder if Mrs Lurker agrees?!