Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Album Review : Takin' Over - New Device 8*

For fans of : Aerosmith, AC/DC, Nickleback, Creed, Daughtry

Brighton's New Device are signed to Powerage Records, the newish record company from Classic Rock magazine, as you might expect, all their bands straddle the classic rock/metal genre, but the roster has a wide variety of styles. The current Powerage line up is Bigelf, Electric Mary, Endeverafter, Hell City Glamours, Lethargy, Pearl, Pride Tiger, Viking Skull and New Device.

New Device released Takin' Over towards the end of 2009 and as debut albums go, it's a real gem, packed with sharp guitars, fast riffs, catchy hooks and big choruses. New Device make no bones about their style of music, they see themselves as stadium rockers and have out to produce, and have achieved, an album full of populist hard rock that should have a broad appeal.

There are some front men for whom every gig is a sell out at Wembley, it doesn't matter that they are performing to a hundred people in a small pub in North Wales, some front men you could just pluck from the tiny stage and drop them them in front of a hundred thousand people and they would be just as good, doing just the same thing. Many years ago I saw Terrorvision (then Spoilt Bratz) and Tony Wright made me think "that man has star quality." Well I saw New Device on a tiny stage last year and singer Daniel Leigh gave me the same buzz, he has the attitude and style for bigger things.

Leigh is more than ably supported by a tight and exciting band, as they tear through great song after great song, On Fire, Make My Day, Never Say Never and the most obvious stadium crowd pleasing sing-a-long title track Takin' Over you get the feeling that New Device have a familiar quality to them. New Device has taken a number of hard rock influences and have brought from them their own sound, a crisp and clean hard rock with clear vocals, proper guitar solos and well structured songs.

Great debut album, New Device deserve to do well, there is an awful lot to like here.

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