Saturday, March 06, 2010

Album Review : The Singletons - The Singletons 6*

For Fans Of : The Jam, The Beatles, The Who

The Singletons hail from Barcelona and play very stripped down retro rock and roll, this is 70's pop rock with almost no attempt at modernity, but it isn't a bad album for that. Some of the songs do suffer from a lack of really good writing, musically the band are fine, and the singer's vocals are ok (he sings in slightly oddly accented English), some of the backing vocals could have been more sustained for a fuller sound but it isn't awful by any means.

British rock influences abound, You Want To Make Me Down has a burst of The Shadows guitar in it and there are definite hints of The Beatles in both guitar styles and song structures. Some do not work, the dirge like balled Somebody that closes the album is a weak track, you can hear what the band were trying to achieve with the added strong section but it does fall flat. Other track though are much better, and the quirky and bouncy Lady Clorofile, probably the most obviously (early) Beatles influenced track on the album is great, two and bit minutes of perky pop rock.

Overall, this isn't a stunning album, but as you can download it for free from Jamendo, you can play it first and then decide if you want to pay for it, it's worth spending a couple of quid on that basis.

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