Sunday, March 28, 2010

Album Review : No Guts. No glory. - Airbourne 8*

How do you know if you will like Airbourne ? Easy, take this simple test....

Q - Do you like AC/DC ?

A1) I like AC/DC = therefore you will like Airbourne.

A2) I do not like AC/DC = therefore you will not like Airbourne.

Right, that's everyone sorted out then, Airbourne (like AC/DC) are no nonsense basic meat and two veg classic metal, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, solo, shouty bit, chorus, end. Every song sounds a little bit like something you might have heard before (probably on an AC/DC album), every song is so simple that you'll be singing along by the second chorus.

Now this may sound like dull, repetitive, derivative rock, but bloody hell Airbourne carry off this act of supreme plagiarism with such swagger and assurity, and the songs are so bloody good you just can't help but grin like a loon, pump your fist in the air and feel a strange urge to dress like a schoolboy.

Airbourne also go for no messing around manly song subjects, beer, whisky, fighting, playing rock and roll, breaking things and working in a steel plant, there's no emo navel gazing and existentialist angst to be found here, just hearty rock and roll that knows just where the line to cheesy is and never quite steps over it.

Now, a bit of advice, there are two versions of the album out, the expanded/deluxe version was only a quid more on Amazon, but for that you get 18 great rock tracks instead of 13 great rock tracks. That's another twenty plus minutes of head shaking, horn throwing hard rock attitude, buy the deluxe version.

So we are nearly at the end of March, just three months into the year and I reckon barring something spectacular from Stone Gods (or the rumoured reformation of The Darkness), Airbourne have already released the good time party metal album of the year.

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