Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yorkshiresoul's Rambling Quiz Series 7.4

The rules....

Please don't put answers in the comments.

E-mail your answers to me with QUIZ 7.4 as the title,, on/by Sun 7th March.

Please don't supply multiple possible answers, I will mark them all as wrong.

1) What bells could owe me the sum of five farthings ? (1)

2) Which series are these stills from ? (1)

3)What was the code name for the defoliant used widely by US forces during the Vietnam War ? (1)

4) What fruit will grow from these flowers ? (1)

5) What is the most common form of tumour in infants and young children ? (1)

6) What is this ? (1)

7) Following the week's theme, what is the area between Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield known as ? (1)

8) What was the nickname applied to British sailors and referred to a preventative medical measure ? (1)

9) What fruit is banned from much public transport and many hotels in Asia ? (1)

10) Who is this ? (1)

Good luck.

Please don't put answers in the comments.

1 comment:

  1. (6) Having been blighted with Chicken Pox and now Shingles for the last week, I think it particularly insensitive of Mr. Y Soul to use a picture of my posterior in his weekly quiz.

    Moreover I will be consulting with my private Sergent, as I do not seem to have received royalties on the said image......