Friday, February 05, 2010

So Dr., Will I Ever Play The Piano Again ?

I talked to the Doc about the results of my blood test, Normal For Yorkshire but cholesterol level like a cricket score, and I said "So how bad is the news Doc ?"

"Well YS," he said. "It's like this, if you don't lose some weight, eat less lard and do some more exercise then sooner or later your chest is going to burst open and your heart will fly out like in that scene from Alien where John Hurt thinks he has indigestion but actually a huge alien parasite is living inside him."

Now of course the Doctor didn't actually phrase it like that, but personally I have no problem with a Doc scaring the living crap out of you if it's for your own good. As it stands, we have agreed that when I return for another blood test in six months time I will be a bare minimum of 10 kilos lighter plus I will have changed my diet to include less bacon and more bran, and if I don't, well then he puts me on a course of cholesterol reducing drugs and presumably tells me I'm a complete fool.

So, 10 kilos in real money is 1 stone 8lbs, or from where I have allowed my weight to climb to at the moment, that means getting it down to 14 stone (or 89 kilos). He assures me that the weight loss alone should drop my cholesterol rating by 10%, the change in diet and exercise should help further.

Here we go then, and hopefully in the near future you'll be seeing a little less of me.

(Pic nicked from YummY! Down On This)


  1. Just ignore this if it's being too nosy, but did the doctor have any idea why a cramp would cause such pain and bruising after? The ex-nurse in me is very curious.

    As for the cholesterol bit, my mister is in the same boat, or rather, he was. He has lost about 10 kilos over the past year, and reluctantly gave up his bacon and other fatty meat habit, with good results. Good luck with getting yours down.

  2. Oh yes, the Doc thinks I may have had a minor rupture/bleed in the muscle, probably a tiny amount of damage caused when I was rowing, and this has built up until the muscle cramped and opened the rupture further. That was his educated guess, as there was nothing else wrong with my blood test it may have remain a bit of a mystery.

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  4. Ah, that makes perfect sense. Maybe some stretching before you get on the rowing machine again? It's a bugger when the muscles realize that we're in our 40s, even though our brains don't acknowledge it.