Friday, February 12, 2010

Making Work For The Shipbuilders

A while ago I moved on to a new corp, where I have been doing my old job of recruiting, it was supposed to be a mining / industrial / mission corp, but, as seems to be the way, we are at war again. Not one war either, but three different groups seem to want a piece of us.

Last night we found our home base camped by two of the red groups, intolerable, just intolerable. We gathered a fleet on the quiet, using our home advantage to scout close systems and gather at unopposed gates. In local the griefers were bigging themselves up and calling us out, and we responded.

In that dry mouth, heart racing state of nervous tension we waited, hidden in safe spots around the star system, at our home base a single Alliance battleship undocks and the enemy begin to pour weapon fire onto it.

"WARP WARP WARP," cried our Fleet Commander and we are inbound, death and destruction awaits.

I arrive in the good ship M a few moments later, the enemy have 4 big ships close to the station, and in a slight tactical error, they have left two battleships out as snipers. The ship's screen begins to fill up with the flashing red bars indicating enemy ships, all around me war drones are spewing forth from battleships. I lock target on two battleships and two battlecruisers and launch my own drones.

We have gained a slight numerical advantage, at least in the close up fight. M has warped in almost on top of an enemy Armageddon and the Fc calls him as our primary target, within moments seven ships of the Alliance fleet have him locked and are battering his shields. There seems to be a moment of confusion amongst the enemy, in the few seconds it takes them to unlock their original target and lock onto one of our newly arrived battleships we have blown the Geddon's shields away and dozens of drones are shredding his armour, an Alliance battleship rams the Geddon to prevent him aligning to a gate. M is packing webifiers and warp scramblers and I fire them up, the Geddon is going nowhere.

His armour melts, and the ships hull is subjected to terrific amounts of damage, lasers, missiles, projectile cannons and drones rain their devastation upon him, the Geddon glows, lights up and vanishes in a storm of hot particles.

"New primary Megathron." The Mega is already locked, I have 6 guns and my drones on him in an instant. My corp boss reports his armour is being depleted, there is nothing we can do, we have come as an assault fleet this time, it is do or die. His battleship dies and moments later the enemy Mega explodes, now we have 6 ships to 2 in close, the next in line red battlecruiser dies in seconds and we lock up the last remaining battleship.

Seconds later it's all over, four enemy vessels are nothing more than burning wrecks, the pair of snipers have run, the station, at least for a short time, is ours again.

By some fluke of good fortune the M and myself have survived, and not only that but we got in the killing shot against the Armageddon and dealt damage to the other three ships we killed.

For a very brief time I sign off as, kill board leader, China Flex.

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