Saturday, February 06, 2010

In All Papers This Week - Married Man Has Affair

Hundreds of decent, honest, trustworthy, faithful, churchgoing journalists this week have poured their scorn and bile upon a man who had sex with a woman who was not his wife. The man, who is employed by one of the London's largest sporting companies, has been variously described as faithless, dishonest, evil, fickle, traitorous and generally unworthy of thought of a normal human being.

The point that this week's news has rammed home once again, is that journalists, editors and the public fail to understand the difference between 'of significant interest' and 'bitter tittle tattle.'


  1. I'd agree with this except that I've just read new reports about some other misdoings. Besides being greedy when it comes to women, he's also under the impression that he doesn't make enough money playing football, and has had a couple of shady business endeavours on the side. Sickening.

  2. Now the other things he has been up to, which include allegations that he used his position as England Captain to sell himself as a celebrity 'guest' for public functions, that he accepted money to allow property salesmen access to the team and his sometimes appaling behaviour in nightclubs, those things should have been reported on in more detail earlier and his Captaincy should have been in doubt earlier.