Friday, February 26, 2010

Eve - Planet Bound

Every year CCP, the company who produce the MMORPG Eve Online, add an expansion pack to improve and extend the game, and to provide further interest for older players and keep them in the game. In recent years we have seen the addition of wormholes with the very scary Sleeper drones, the salvage from which can be used for the production of Tech 3 cruisers, and some big changes to the way in which 0.0 sovereignty works.

This years expansion, named Tyrannis will finally take us to somewhere we have never been before, the surface of planets. Industrial corps will now be able to set up and hopefully profit greatly from mining on a planet's surface, at the moment mining can only be done from low and zero sec moons, and from asteroid fields.

Sometimes the Eve expansions pass me by, I don't play much in 0.0, and I have only done a tiny amount of wormhole exploration, although some other members of the corp are much keener WH players. Tyrannis though looks like just my sort of thing, it will doubtless have a whole slew of new, and very expensive, skills to purchase and learn, but a big expansion aimed at us mining/industry types is great news.

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