Friday, February 26, 2010

Eve Online - The Pilot's View

This is what Eve looks like to the player, the screen capture here shows a very small ship, a Gallente (a race of people descended from the French) frigate mining in an asteroid field.

The grey blocks down the left side of the screen are buttons to open various things in the game and are fairly self explanatory. At the top left of the screen is the capsuleer's (pilot) portrait, and an information block showing where he is - a system called Couster, where in the system he is - asteroid belt I, who claims ownership of the system - Gallente Federation, the region the system is in - Essence (important because trade in Eve is region wide) and the security rating of the system - 0.9

1.0 is the highest system security rating, this means that the police - Concorde, are most active here and will arrive almost instantly when someone commits a crime like shooting at another ship. 0.0 is the lowest rating, there is no Concorde presence here, the only law is that applied by the player corporation or alliance who hold the territory.

Further to the right at the top are pictures of two Scordite asteroids, the capsuleer has locked or targeted these and is mining them for ore, on the right hand side is the pilot Overview which shows you what is in space. In this case the pilot seems to be a bit of a noob, and despite the fact he is out mining, he has managed to turn the asteroid display off in his overview, he has also turned the Warp Gate display off, that's going to make navigation harder, he'll have to right click all the time.

The box reading 'My Cargo' is the interior hold of the frigate, the capsuleer has also jettisoned a container - floating container, a jet can, which holds much more than his hold, he is transferring ore into this and will come back with a larger ship when it is full to collect it. Or perhaps he has friends close by with an industrial ship to collect the can for him. He could fall prey to can flippers whilst mining like this. Can flippers are pirates (human players) who will steal ore from the jet can, this gives the can's owner the right to lock and shoot the ore thief. The thief will probably be an older pilot with better PvP - pilot/person versus pilot/person, skills, and will shoot the capsuleers ship to reveal his capsule, and then may well pod him, or kill his capsule as well.

At the bottom left is the chat box window, where you can talk to people in local - the same system, corp - people in the same corp as you, alliance - people in the same alliance as you, hilfe - I think this is the German language help and assistance channel, Rookie help - this channel is for noobs (new players) only, you can ask questions in here and then pray that the person answering isn't as green and hopeless as you.

In the centre bottom are the ship controls, the circular dial has three rows of bars for shields, armour and hull, this ship has 100% of each. The centre of the dial shows the ships capacitor level, almost full in this case, and the lower bar the ship's speed, he is sitting still.

To the left of this are controls for things like the ship scanner, opening the cargo hold, weapon range indicator and autopilot controls.

To the right are the ship's fittings or modules. In the top row he has two mining lasers, the one on the green circle is running, in the middle slots he has an asteroid scanner (I never bother with these, I just mine everything into dust no matter how large they are) and for reasons that escape me, a webifier (a device that stops a locked ship from accelerating), he has no guns so what use is the webifier ? He's a noob, so it's probably something he took from a rat wreck (Non Player Character pirate ship). In the bottom slots he has a repairer to fix either his armour or hull in space should he get damaged, and a power plant module which will increase the rate at which his capacitor recharges.

This then is the capsuleer's view of Eve when mining, when you're in combat it is much more confusing.

Eve Online

If you are in the game, do say hello to me - China Flex.

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