Sunday, February 21, 2010

Diet Blues

I could have gladly binned the diet last night and gone out for something meaty, greasy and satisfying. I know part of the reason that I'm overweight is that we eat too much takeaway food, Donner kebabs, pizza, Chinese and curry. When I have spent all day in the kitchen often the last thing I want to do is to set to and cook another dinner, so too often we have relied on the local takeaway food shops to supply our dinners.

I'd worked a steady day yesterday, 8.30 to 6pm so not a long shift, and it was fairly busy as opposed to being packed, run around in chaos mode. After work I got the rowing machine out and did 1,100 strokes in about 35 mins, had a shower and then I was really hungry. Porridge for breakfast, vegetable and bean soup for lunch, the lure of a sweet and sour chicken and friend rice was almost too much.

So it was a rather grumpy chef that went back into the kitchen and prepared dinner and my tomato and vegetable pasta isn't going to go down as a culinary high (unlike last night's sweet chilli turkey stir fry which was a winner). It was hot and filling though.

The pasta dish also made yesterday a vegetarian day. On the diet I am eating much less meat, no more sausage or bacon for breakfast, and the fatty red meats that I love, especially lamb chops, are right off the menu.

One thing, among many, that makes dieting such a pain is the way your body reacts to fat after being starved of it. We had a night away at a good hotel this week, so just one night and one morning off the diet, and despite staying on track for the rest of the week those two indulgences put a pound back on.

So, week one I did well, 5lbs down, week two was poor, 1lb back up, week three I'm trying hard, I've been eating very well and getting plenty of exercise.

One thing that did help las night's dinner were two glasses of Baron de Ley Forteleza De Imas Rioja Reserva 2001. When Rioja declared a 'holy grail' vintage in 2001 I bought 4 cases from different vineyards, the 2001's are now drinking beautifully having spent 9 years aging in my cellar.

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  1. Excuse my carnivorous tendencies, but that spinning lamb mince - looks dreadfully good! Is high cholesterol no-long consider a trait of those who live well and long!

    Also this gout in my feet, those lower soul in the street will never experience it's exquisite tendencies towards pain. They just wither and die whilst I try to keep them in employment. Disgraceful behaviour.....

    So we're a bit outdated in our taste YS doctors die young as well, so what do they know.

    I killed my last one at 38 when I was only 40. Not a good sign for the purveyors of mystery and longevity...