Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dave The Toff Plans A Public Services Postcode Lottery

I listened to David Cameron's speech from Battersea yesterday, as always, I was fairly impressed with Cameron's oratory and delivery, and this time even some of the content was good, until, he got around to re-introducing the idea of public service -co-operatives that the Conservatives first floated a couple of years ago.

As we edge closer to the General Election we're going to hear a lot of these sort of big ideas from party leaders, but this one does worry me. Listening closely to Cameron's vision of how workers could run their own departments in future it became apparent this this is first and foremost a cost cutting idea. Cameron said in plain language that workers who achieved substantial savings in their department would be given some of the money back as a bonus.

There are already major concerns that you can receive different levels of treatment under the NHS dependant on the catchment zone of the NHS trust you live in, I am concerned that Conservative plans for other areas of public service will only accentuate the already fluctuating standards achieved across the country. Perhaps under the Tories council workers will be able to earn themselves a bonus by not buying enough winter salt, or by not doing road repairs, or by the loss of already depleted health service 'non-essentials' like dentistry and physiotherapy to the private sector.

When it comes to the election, my primary concern is Britain's looming energy crisis. As out own oil and gas runs out we are becoming ever more dependant on foreign suppliers, whereas countries like France have engaged in a long term plan of building nuclear power stations we have allowed our own nuclear generation to run down. Wind and wave power and other renewable forms are still decades away from supplying our energy needs, we need nukes.

My other problem when it comes to choosing who to vote for is that I have come to believe that the government of the day never really achieves anything, Labour have been in power since 1997 yet the gap between rich and poor in UK society continues to widen, Labour seem to have done little to reduce to reduce child poverty in the UK, one of their big pledges from early on. If the Tories get in this time around, will our society be better in four or eight year's time ? I don't really believe that it will.

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