Saturday, February 06, 2010

Come On England !

The 6 Nations starts today, and rugby, as my best mate often points out when talk turns to football, is a proper sport*, for real men**. Largely I agree, Andrew Sheridan for example (pictured), is a large scary man whom I would not want hurtling at me with malice on his mind. I quite enjoy rugby***, but, I have to say that from the point of view of a casual watcher, Rugby League is a hard, fast and easy to understand game, Rugby Union**** at times can be plagued by dozens of hard to understand rules and infringements which can make the game fractured and uninspiring.

So let's hope for a good rugby display from England this evening against the Welsh, and not too many stoppages for inexplicable rules*****.

*Just don't mention the eye gouging.

**Or the fake blood scandal.

***Or that time Trevor Brennan waded into the stand and attacked a fan.

****Or the Dallaglio drugs scandal.

*****Or those times when England got kicked out for signing greedy and illegal TV deals.

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