Monday, February 22, 2010

Canada vs Afghanistan

Does anyone in Canada recognise this man ?

This is Nitish Kumar, right handed batsman and spin bowler for the Canadian team. He scored 74 in Canada's first innings stand of a massive 566 against Afghanistan and took two wickets.

He is also the only member of the Canadian team to have been born in Canada. Kumar's team mates come from all over, India, the Windies, Sri Lanka. They have all emigrated to Canada and I presume are now Canadian nationals.

Canada are one of the Associates cricket nations alongside countries like the Netherlands, Kenya, Ireland, Scotland and Zimbabwe. It's hard being an Associate, the big 8 Test playing nations have little time in their schedules to play the smaller countries, indeed it is said that South Africa wanted a $100,000 payment from Kenya in order to arrange a match against them, disgraceful behaviour from one of the rich nations.

Still the Associates continue to play despite all the hurdles and financial hardships, one or two are close the big league, Zimbabwe are aiming for Test status again and Ireland are looking stronger in the short forms of the game.

Actually, never mind asking if any Canadians recognised Nitish Kumar, perhaps I should have asked if any Canadians knew they had a cricket team ?

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