Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Album Review : The Butcher's Ballrom - Diablo Swing Orchestra 7*

So young Swede Daniel thought he'd form a band, and he went to his mates and said "What I have in mind is a bit of metal mixed with some classical strings, a dollop of East European folk, some 70's American cop show theme tunes and sung by an operatic diva." And instead of his mates saying "Dan mate, you're barking mad," they actually said "YES, but needs moar flamenco."

Diablo Swing Orchestra then, a blend of numerous musical styles that really should not work at all, and yet, this insane blend of Nightwish, Gogol Bordello, Ennio Morricone and Apocalyptica is damned catchy. Put Ballrog Boogie on your stereo and you're feet are going to start twitching, you'll be plucking air harp strings to Rag Doll Physics, and, er, playing to didgeridoo to Gunpowder Chant. I must admit, it had never before crossed my mind that the world of heavy metal was a poorer place without the didgeridoo.

DSO are a mighty flood of originality, there are so many things happening on The Butcher's Ballroom that is is really hard to sum them all up. The songs and musical pieces are well written, the production values on the album are very professional and the band play and sing beautifully, especially the opera singer Annlouice Loegdlund who provides quite stunning vocals throughout the album.

The Butcher's Ballroom was released in 2006, you can download the entire album as a free and legal download from Diablo Swing Orchestra on Jamendo. Jamendo works by providing free music with the artists consent, you can give money to the artist if you have appreciated their work or buy items from their Jamendo virtual shop.

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