Saturday, January 02, 2010

YS Blog Win/Fail 2009


Well, I had my busiest ever year for posting, 745 bits of rubbish stuck up here for your enjoy/annoy - ment, but oh dear, the amount of mini projects I set off on and didn't complete.....


NaNoWriMo, I got about two thirds through Nano this year, and then with 35,000 words written I just lost interest in the plot, without enough going on in my zombie horror novel I think I just managed to write my characters into a dead end, and then gave up.

6 Things For 6 People

6 of you signed up to get something from me, which I decided would be a short story, but I only actually managed to do 4 so Terry and Shan never received one, sorry. Shan's story is actually half written so I might complete this project at some time.

Fair Listen

From last year...."Project for 2009, up until the point where I get bored/busy and forget all about it of course.

Artists in my library - 1,734. I thought that was a pretty good amount, reflecting my ever more diverse/perverse tastes in music, but when I looked at the last pages of my library I discovered lots of bands who had only a single listen to their name, who are these people, these lost voices of music.

Actually it's worse than that, I have added a number of bands to my library that I havn't even listened to a single track by. What passing interest made me add Planetshakers, June Tabor, Dread Zeppelin and Fema Kuti and then not bother to hear them ? I can't answer.

Nor can I tell you why Credo, The Girls, Steel Pulse, Bullyrag or Robbie Williams got just a single play and were then dropped into lower recesses of my list never to be listened to again. Oh, actually, in Robbie Williams case I do know why, but let's not wander into the red herring maze of slagging former boy band members for the moment.

Is it fair that Gilla Bruja's entire output is only represented by a single listen in my library ? Surely not, and there must be more to discover in the back catalogue of Django Rheinhardt than one scant listen can reveal.

So, my task (until boredom strikes) is to give all those poor single listen souls a fair turn of the deck and listen to at least an album's worth of songs.

Who knows, by this time next year The Clash might have been toppled from their perch at the top of my chart by Big Bill Broonzy, Anna Nalick or, oh dear, James Blunt."

Right, so I began 2009 with 1,734 artists in my Scrobbler library, and ended the year with 2,528. Did I listen to an albums worth of all of those new artists, never mind the hundreds already on one play ? In a word, no.

Were there any new (or new-ish) artists that I listened to a lot, oh yes, The Duckworth Lewis Method, The Answer, Enter Shikari, Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts, Ha Ha Tonka, Lady Ga Ga, La Roux, Little Boots, Hysterica, Guns On The Roof, Black Spiders, Staff Benda Belili, Attica Rage, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Fleet Foxes, Spinnerette, Dan Bull, Rachel McShane...

The Quiz

Yorkshiresoul's Rambling Quiz rambled off after two rounds in 2009 and wasn't seen again, it may just ramble back in 2010 though.


I was going to do at least one book review a week, plus one album or gig review, that vanished as well.

Projects for this year then.....Restart the Rambling Quiz, do more reviews, finish last year's 6 Things, as for Nano, I don't know yet, I'll see if there is enough of the muse in me come November.

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