Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yorkshire Soul's Rambling Quiz 7.2 Answers

1) Who is this man, and what does he have to do with an important milestone in the history of radio ? (2)

This is Giacomo Puccini, his opera Tosca is generally held to be the first ever public radio broadcast, it was transmitted by Lee De Forest on Jan 12 1910 in New York to the handful of people that were equipped to listen.

2) What name should be top of this list, what is the list ? (2)


Arsenal top this list, this is the all time Women's FA Cup Winners.

3) Where in the world is this ? (1)

Wellington, New Zealand.

4) Who carried around the embalmed head of her executed husband around with her for almost 30 years, after her death the head was reunited with its body in London church tomb ? (1)

Elizabeth (Bess) Throckmorton, wife of Sir Walter Raleigh.

5) Who is this ? (1)

Country singer Reba McEntire.

6) What alphabet is this ? (1)


7) The Mayflower took English Pilgrims to found a new settlement in America, but who was its captain ? (1)

Christopher Jones

8) What is the common link between Gaudeloupe, Martinique, Reunion and French Guiana ? (1)

These are the Overseas Administrative Regions of France.

9) How many counties are there in the Republic Of Ireland ? (1)


10) This is a famous youth leader, who is he ? (1)

Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout movement.

Quiz 7.2 Points

Mr Moosehead 10
Dave Podmore 9
Tony Gott 7
Lyle 2

Quiz 7 Leaders

Mr Moosehead 19
Dave Podmore 15
Tony Gott 12
Lyle 2

Question 4 caused problems, it was the name of the wife I wanted, not the original posessor of the head. Where are the girls this year ? It's a rather blokey affair so far.

Well done everyone, the next round will be up soon.


  1. Where did I drop the other point then, eh?

  2. You didn't, I can't add up, will adjust.

  3. LOL. Do we need an independent overseer of the counting process? I hear the UN are good at that sort of thing.