Monday, January 18, 2010

Weeing My Way To Fitness

Sorry, daft pun, that should be Wii-ing. I bought Meg a Wii for Christmas with the Wii-Fit and balance board thingy, both us would like to get a bit fitter and shift a bit of weight and it because having the Wii ready to use rather than having to make time to go to the gym seemed a good idea.

One week of exercising in, and I have to say I'm hooked. I realise that there is a lot of conflicting opinion and research and just how good, if at all, Wii exercise is but to judge by how I ache pretty much everywhere today from my Rhythm Boxing and Rhythm Karate session yesterday, it must be doing me some good. The Wii records how much exercise you have taken each day, it recommends new exercises for you, and as you get better at a particular exercise it ups the resp/time to suit your increased fitness.

The other great thing is that some of the games are such great fun, predictably I am rubbish at most of the balance games, but it isn't stopping me from having a go. Yoga for example, I though to myself, how difficult can a bit of yoga be ? I mean it's basically just standing around isn't it ?

Here is a young lady following her Wii instructor into the tree pose, if this picture were of me doing the same thing, I would be just out of picture to the right having fallen off the balance board, again. Yoga, it's harder than it looks, although it probably shouldn't be as hard as I make it look. Your ever patient fitness instructor will helpfully pointing out things like "Hey, you have stepped off the board, come on, those muscles won't exercise themselves you know." The normal response to this is "I didn't step off, I've fallen over the bleeding coffee table and got my head stuck down the side of the settee."

So, a Wii, cheaper than a year's gym membership, although with less pretty young women in tight leotards, and when you think you'vd had enough exercise, you can load Resident Evil up and shoot your way through the zombie horde.

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