Monday, January 11, 2010

Walking Yorkshire - Middleton, Ilkley Moor

Well, I have no customers due to the snow, so I might as well get out and do some walking, and last week we were blessed with some very cold but still and sunny days. Out walking on Tuesday it was so cold that my breath froze my beard, Arctic exploring in Ilkley !

If you're a farmer, work has to continue no matter what the weather, in these fields above Middleton the farmer has been out muck spreading, it will get into the soil, eventually.

Looking down Keighley Old Road into Ilkley with the US listening station just visible on the moors opposite. It was a great afternoon's walk along the top of the moor, but the snow had drifted to thigh deep in places and it was tremendously hard work.

The Cow And Calk rocks above Ilkley, with decapitated snowman in the foreground. It had been around -8 during the night so the snow had turned light and powdery, easier to hike in than the heavy wet stuff.

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