Friday, January 22, 2010

On This Day

"Remember on St. Vincent's Day,
If the sun his beams display,
Be sure to mark the transient beam,
Which through the casement sheds a gleam,
For 'tis a token bright and clear,
Of Prosperous weather all the year." - trad rhyme.

Well, here in Ilkley Saint Vincent's day has been grey, wet and dismal, so if the old rhyme is correct, don't bother dusting off your barbeque this summer.

Vincent of Saragossa was tortured on a gridiron over a fire, after his death ravens protected his body from scavengers until his followers could recover it. Vincent is the patron saint of both vintners and vinegar makers, so he gets the praise whether the wine is good or awful.

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  1. definitely wouldn't want a BBQ after that last bit... :d