Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not A Book Review

Just a progress report, War And Peace, what people say about this book mostly is "It's bloody enormous", and they are correct, my Penguin edition of War And Peace weighs in at 1445 pages of tiny print. I have been reading this gargantuan novel off and on since early December, and now with 1165 pages of Russian social life and Napoleonic strife behind me the end is almost in sight. Easy going it is not.

I am also wading through the 1001 Books You Must Read, unfair I say ! It isn't 1001 books at all, it is a lot more than that because quite a few of the books described are volume two or three of a trilogy, or part five of a seven book series, the very worst so far has been one volume from a series of fifteen novels. Now surely nobody in their right mind reads only the last book of a trilogy, and so I wonder, has anyone calculated just how many novels you would actually have to read to complete this mammoth task properly ?

And can I count War And Peace as five normal novels ?

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