Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Day 2010

I've done this bit of madness for 9 years running now, the water in the pool runs right off Ilkley Moor so it is about 2 degrees, literally enough to take your breath away when you do the plunge.

"Get all the kids in one picture"

It may look as if YS and father-in-law Brian are relaxing in the warm waters of the jacuzzi, I assure you this is not the case, that's not a smile of pleasure on Brian's face, it's a rictus grin of sheer horror.

Brother Rob looking entirely too happy, I think it's about time that Brother in Law mk.4 got himself in the pool, 2011 Chris ?

YS and Patrick plunging, because if you weren't cold before you got your head in....

When you're young and in love, even the icy waters of Ilkley Moor can't quell your passion, Alex and JB having a hug.

So near, yet so far, both Stephen and Natalie had a one foot paddle, but no plunging.

"Please, please let me out it's ruddy freezing in here."

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  1. I've now finally written my post and linked back to you. JP seems to be as hooked as I was after last year. :)