Saturday, January 02, 2010

Film Review - Avatar*****

Oh, Wow ! Avatar simply is, and I have thought carefully before saying this, the future of cinema. In a few years time you will be astonished if film makers are creating fantasy, sci-fi or horror (or indeed most other genres) in good old flat screen because the technology that James Cameron has employed in creating this 3d sci-fi spectacular has set a new standard for effects based film making.

The biggest advance, apart from the 3d itself, is the level of reality that has been accomplished with the animation of the blue skinned Na'vi people, they move and breath just like real people, and their skin looks and moves normally, this is a huge jump forward in animation technique and something that nobody before Cameron has achieved. When you watch the animated sections of Avatar it looks as realistic as the standard filmed sections do, it is that good.

Plot wise, Avatar is almost Dances With Wolves, but who cares ? You are not going to see this film for its deep and complex plot, you're going to see it for the open mouthed gasp you're going to give when Jake Sully drops off a cliff mounted on a flying lizard, for the childlike wonder you are going to feel as the jungle illuminates at night, and for the visceral rush you get when being pursued by a giant sabre toothed cat beast determined to eat you alive.

Every bit of this film is sheer magic, the boundless creativity allowed by the animation technology has brought some truly wonderful sights to the film, in a nice nod to just how good this is one of the characters in the film, pilot Trudy Chacon played Michelle Rodriguez, remarks to her passengers when they come in sight of a group of free floating mountains "You should see how wide your eyes are right now", yes, that's us in the audience as well. The splendor of the scenery never lets up, the night time scene in the jungle had most of the audience sighing at its beauty, everyone gasped at the opening shot looking down the 3d interior of the spaceship, and a fair few people were flinching as some of the more violent and dramatic events took place.

If your local cinema only shows this film in flat screen, don't go, it really is worth making a longer journey to see the film in 3d, but whatever you do, do go and see the film, I really can't praise it enough.

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  1. I've heard it referred to as 'Dances With Smurfs'.

    Happy New Year !