Friday, January 15, 2010


Newcastle dialect word for hard toffee, also known as clag-candy, lady's-taste, slittery, tom-trot, treacle-ball, and toughy.

A list of Durham dialect words

Up the Raw, down the Raw,
Up the Raw, lass, ev'ry day,
For shape and colour, ma bonny hinny,
Thou bangs thy mother, ma canny bairn.

Black as a craw, ma bonny hinny,
Thou bangs them a', lass, ev'ry day,
Thou's a' clag candy, ma bonny hinny,
Thou's double japanded, my canny bairn.

Up the Raw, etc.

For hide an hue, ma, bonny hinny,
Thou bangs the crew, ma canny bairn,
Up the Raw, maw bonny hinny,
Thou bangs them a', ma canny bairn.

Lyrics to the folk song Up The Raw from Folk Info.

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