Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm sure everyone who attends a Bookcrossing meet up goes with the idea that they might get rid of more books than they collect, that's certainly the idea that I set off with last night. On the train in to Leeds I found a discarded Jeffrey Archer short story collection, and having read the first short on the journey, decided to keep it.

Then at Bookcrossers, held at PIN Bar in Leeds, there were just so many interesting looking books...
The Illuminatas Trilogy which I read years ago but remember as being fun
Penguins Stopped Play - bunch of mad cricketers attempt to play a game on each continent
I Search Of Mihalo - Dolores Pala
Popular Music and Youth Cultur - Andy Bennet(*)
Diary Of A Young Girl - Anne Frank (*thanks to Sian for the these)
Looking For The Lost (Journeys Through Vanishing Japan) - Alan Booth
Two Caravans - Marina Lewycka (I loved 'A Short History Of Tractors In Ukrainian')
Ceremony - Leslie Marmon Silko
Gould's Book Of Fish (A Novel In Twelve Fish) - Richard Flanagan

So with those added to my 1001 shelf, that's about half the year's reading ready.


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