Saturday, January 02, 2010

Book Review : The Hero Inside - Gill Shaw****

Gill Shaw's largely photographic work is a valuable reminder of the cost of our military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, although we are used to seeing the coffins of dead soldiers slow marched through the streets of Wootton Bassett on their way from RAF Lyneham, there are far more injured than killed and their ongoing plight receives far less publicity.

The young men and women photographed for The Hero Inside show a remarkable degree of courage, some have made full recoveries from their injuries but there are many who have lost limbs and have been left disabled. The text accompanying each photograph
describes what has happened to each soldier, often in shocking detail, Mark Dryden's account of his vehicle patrol hitting a minefield is desperately distressing, Mark himself lost an arm and suffered further grievous injuries, but one of his comrades dies next to him in the ambulance, The Hero Inside really takes you inside the war.

Also presented in the book are those people who are raising awareness for HFH, celebrities like Joanna Lumley and Ross Kemp, and ordinary people from all walks of life who have undertaken fundraising events.

"Help For Heroes is a phenomenon, it epitomises two significant British instincts : service and the recognition of service" - General Sir Nick Houghton.

"Non political, nor critical, the aim of Help For Heroes is simple and straightforward : to help those who have been wounded on current operations" - General Sir Richard Dannatt.

Help For Heroes.

Royal British Legion.

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