Sunday, January 03, 2010

Album Review : Where Did All The Virgins Go - The Redding Shift***

For Fans Of : The Wildhearts, Foo Fighters, Incubus, QOTSA

The Redding Shift are a basic, stripped down, dirty, garage style rock three piece from Nashville, Where Did All The Virgins Go ? is their debut release on their own label, it is available from eMusic, Amazon, iTunes etc.

What I think this album shows is quite a bit of promise, there are some great songs on here, but not all the tracks seem to be performed with the verve and aggression that would really make them come alive.

Bastard Jack is the pick of the album, it dives straight into a big catchy riff, drums and hand clapping and a beat to bang your head to, on Bastard Jack the band seem full of fire and venom and it makes for a great song. The Prince is almost as good and the title track carries on in good style, track four though, Surround You, just doesn't work that well. I know this a 'demo' quality album, but Scott Bowen's voice isn't quite suited to this slow burner, and Abby Hairston's (drums & backing) vocals need some work. The backing vocals are a bit of a weak link, often slow and plaintive behind the more raw and belligerent lead, they could do with re-working in tone and style, building them up to be more rocky in order to pull the songs along with them.

The rest of the album hits and misses in equal proportion, you could give Miss a miss, but Lo-Fi and Show Throat pick up the pace again, another slower song, Bleed, works better than the other slow songs on the album and Scott copes much better this time.

All in all, WDATVG? suffers from a lack of production, but there is potential here, some of the songs are really good and when the band let themselves go (as they do on the very catchy Brother) and ditch the uncertainty that comes through on a couple of tracks then they're really good. I'd put money on the fact that this lot sound really great live. The album is enough to pique my interest, I'll be keeping an ear out for them.

You can listen to the album at The Redding Shift on Reverbnation.


  1. Squirt5:07 pm

    Irrelevant blog... Happy New Year The Mighty Leeds!!!! Wahooy!

  2. Despite the illustrious name, I think I'll give this band a miss.