Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Album Review : To Love And Back EP - This Century 8*

For Fans Of : Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Madina Lake, The Killers

If fairly light weight, catchy pop rock is your sort of think, then This Century, a young and unsigned band from Tempe, Arizona, might be just your sort of thing. The lads straddle a line between pop rock and indie which incorporates elements of both style into an easy and pleasing fusion.

To Love And Back is a six song EP, the third EP that the band have released, and it is a very impressive little collection of songs. Although more and more bands are now releasing material for sale without being signed to a record label, it must be said that sometimes sound quality can be variable, well This Century have got it spot on, the sound is clear and defined and well balanced.

Normally, I prefer my rock somewhat heavier than this, but what This Century do, they do extremely well, this is well played, sung nicely, it is just the sort of radio friendly pop rock fare that get airplay on the big radio stations.

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