Thursday, January 21, 2010

Album Review : The Catastrophe EP 6* / The Division EP 7* - Waiting For Signal

For Fans Of : Third Eye Blind, Thrice, Circa Survive, Coheed & Cambria

The Catastrophe EP was Waiting For Signal's debut release in 2008, although the band label themselves as 'progressive' this should not be confused by prog fans as sounding anything like Marillion, Genesis or Yes, WFS are closer in style to Circa Survive and Thrice than they are to classic prog bands. WFS are from Kansas, they are a four piece contemporary prog rock band and as far as I can glean from their MySpace page, currently without a drummer.

In the age of digital dissemination of music, I am impressed at the number of new (or new-ish) bands who are producing very polished musical product. Waiting For Signal have put out two highly professional sounding EP's on their own label, WFS/Tunecore. Musically, they are easily equal to many bands that have recording contracts and label access to big studio production values, their sound then is really good.

WFS might be clumsily clumped into that awful, way too broad 'post-hardcore' tag, but that would be to deny their more tuneful, melodic style spearheaded by Gene Abramov's fine vocals.

Released a year later in 2009, The Division EP follows on nicely from the band's debut release, here though the guitar work is slightly more solid and edgy and the songwriting a little more polished which gives their sound a clearer style. The EP starts with Sign Of The Times, a nice little hook to open the song and then crisp, biting riffs with the vocals nicely high and vibrant in the mix, this song is a winner. Both EP's feature 5 songs, all of good quality with their second release slightly edging ahead of their debut.

Good music in the new progressive rock mold, Waiting for Signal are another band to look out for in the future.

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