Saturday, December 26, 2009

YS Reader's Album Of The Year

Muse's 5th studio album was the clear favourite amongst Yorkshire Soul readers. It was an album of two parts, some very good and traditional Muse prog rock songs, and then a three part classical/rock symphony.

Colin Meloy's Portland folk band beefed up their sound with some Black Sabbath-esque guitars for this weird and wonderful concept album, songs of love, lust and infanticide made for captivating listening.

Madness came back in 2009 with a wonderful concept album based around the band's first stomping grounds in Norton Folgate, London. It was rich and varied, in turn whimsical and poignant, and a quite stunning return to form.

A prog rock/chamber pop concept album ostensibly about cricket but touching on larger themes of love, loyalty, passion and loss, oh, and a whole song about Shane Warne's 'ball of the century.'

2009 - The Year of the Concept Album ?

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